• Kevin Murnane Scholarship Program Recipients 2022: Jake Hacker and Ben Cutler

    11 June 2022

    On June 8th, Jake Hacker and Ben Cutler were announced as this year’s recipients of the Kevin Murnane Scholarships. The awards were presented at North Tahoe High School by Murnane’s children Lily and Kai Murnane. Both Jake and Ben have been actively involved with cross-country skiing at Tahoe XC since they were small children, and have raced at the high school level. More importantly, they have a strong love for cross-country skiing that will most likely continue throughout their lives.

  • Tahoe City Trails: Ski to Hike to Mountain Bike

    06 June 2022

    Our patience has been rewarded and the expansive network of trails heading out from the Tahoe XC lodge are now mostly snow free, with the last of the white stuff on the highest elevation spots soon to be gone. I’ve headed out on a few rides in the last few weeks and found wonderful conditions, and now the mules ears, larkspur, lupine and snowflowers are popping up like crazy giving lots of color to gander at.

  • Tim's Time at Tahoe XC

    15 April 2022

    Strider Gliders is our signature youth program. It’s a unique offering for local youth to play outside on the snow. Tim Hauserman has been involved with it for the past 22 years. You can barely say ‘Strider Gliders’ without simultaneously thinking of outrageously fun hats, playful energy, and local stewardship, as this program runs mostly from volunteer coaches and simply cross-country ski passion. Tim has been at the helm as the Strider Gliders Program Director for the past 20 years. As Tim moves on, we must acknowledge his efforts. Tim, you will be missed, you mad hatter, you.