• It's the Most Wonderful Time to Ride

    17 August 2023

    While riding the Tahoe XC trails today I was reminded that the next six weeks are perhaps the most wonderful time to be riding the trails. The thunderstorms have wet down the dust creating brown pow, the trails are quieter during this time as families go back to the routine of school, mosquitos apparently are also going back to school because they are disappearing, and the temperatures between now and the end of September are smack dab in the middle of the Goldilocks zone–not too hot, not too cold.

  • KM Scholarship Recipients 2023: Daniel Joslin and Bergen Koijane

    20 June 2023

    The Kevin Murnane Scholarship is given out in Kevin’s honor each year to up to two North Tahoe High School students who demonstrate selflessness, decency, and good nature within our community. All recipients have participated in at least one of any Nordic ski program at Tahoe XC, Auburn Ski Club, Far West, or the North Tahoe Middle and High School Teams. This year’s recipients are Daniel Joslin and Bergen Koijane.

  • Tahoe XC as a Double Major

    05 June 2023

    When you think of Tahoe XC, what comes to mind? Whatever experiences you’ve had, you’re right. It is your experience that makes Tahoe XC the community hub that it is. As an organization, Tahoe XC can be thought of as a ‘double major.’ What does that mean? Enjoy this read as we explain this metaphor.