• Tahoe Nature Camp: Bringing Kids Back to Nature

    11 May 2024

    Tahoe XC’s newest program for kids is the Tahoe Nature Camp. But the concept is nothing new to class instructor Bev Buswell, who has been running nature programs for children since 2008.

  • Tahoe XC’s Trail Ambassadors and Ski Patrol

    15 March 2024

    Tahoe XC’s Trail Ambassadors and Ski Patrollers are a small group of individuals with a simple goal: Improving the ski experience for those heading out onto the Tahoe XC trail system. Here are the stories of a ski patroller and a ski ambassador.

  • Strider Gliders Biathlon

    20 February 2024

    Biathlon is a challenging and fascinating sport that combines cross-country skiing and target shooting. It requires both the aerobic capacity and muscle strength to be a cross-country skate skier and the delicate touch, eagle eye and quiet concentration needed to hit a small target. The sport is several hundred years old and originated in Norway as a means of training soldiers. Today it is an extremely popular sport in Europe that draws huge crowds.