• JC Schoonmaker and Emma Ribom

    08 February 2024

    A big crowd of North Tahoe’s close knit cross-country ski community came to Tahoe XC on a wet Wednesday evening to celebrate JC Schoonmaker’s World Cup success. JC is a fourth generation Tahoe City local who started skiing at Tahoe XC as a boy. He returned to town to tell the story of his recent World Cup racing experiences and pass on tips to the next generation of cross-country racers. He was joined by his girlfriend, fellow World Cup cross-country skier from Sweden, Emma Ribom.

  • First Day of the Year

    17 January 2024

    It’s always amazing seeing the transformation from brown dirt, to a blanket of white that can happen in just a day. While hiking and mountain biking on these trails is a joyful experience, there is nothing like that peaceful feeling you get gliding over snow. Snow just has this special ability to soften and quiet the world, it’s like moving meditation.

  • Anticipation! Anticipation!

    01 November 2023

    There is a classic tune that encapsulates what is going on in the heads of skiers every fall: “Anticipation! Anticipation!” (Carly Simon by the way is the one that does a much better job of it then the version I just belted out). What kind of winter will it be? A big one? A drought? A normal winter? When will it arrive? And when will it end? And will I have to shovel the dang roof again? Of course everyone has their theories.