• New Strider Glider Leaders

    02 August 2022

    It’s the end of an era. Tim Hauserman, Strider Glider Program Director, stepped down after 20 years. It took us a while to find the right person, and then suddenly we realized that the right person was actually two people: A Program Director and a Lead Coach. Introducing, Meghan Pry and Deedee Driller as our new Strider Glider Leaders.

  • Trail Etiquette

    15 July 2022

    The complicated and extensive network of dirt trails that heads out from the lodge at Tahoe XC provides a natural outdoor escape for a wide range of people. It is our responsibility to look out for each other and the trails to ensure that we keep the beauty of the trail system for generations to come. Here are a few things to remember as you head out onto the trails at Tahoe XC…

  • Kevin Murnane Scholarship Program Recipients 2022: Jake Hacker and Ben Cutler

    11 June 2022

    On June 8th, Jake Hacker and Ben Cutler were announced as this year’s recipients of the Kevin Murnane Scholarships. The awards were presented at North Tahoe High School by Murnane’s children Lily and Kai Murnane. Both Jake and Ben have been actively involved with cross-country skiing at Tahoe XC since they were small children, and have raced at the high school level. More importantly, they have a strong love for cross-country skiing that will most likely continue throughout their lives.