Archive of Ben’s Bench

  • Tahoe XC as a Double Major

    05 June 2023

    When you think of Tahoe XC, what comes to mind? Whatever experiences you’ve had, you’re right. It is your experience that makes Tahoe XC the community hub that it is. As an organization, Tahoe XC can be thought of as a ‘double major.’ What does that mean? Enjoy this read as we explain this metaphor.

  • Ben Grasseschi, Executive Director, Coach & Wax Extraordinaire

    14 February 2022

    Executive Director (ED), Ben Grasseschi shares insight with you as if you’re chatting with him while he waxes your skis. In Ben’s Bench, you’ll be entertained with stories, insights, and techniques related to cross-country skiing from our own Ben Grasseschi, ED, Coach, and Wax Tech Extraordinaire. In this (first) Ben’s Bench blog, learn how Ben’s path intertwined with Tahoe XC, just how many Olympians has he helped coach, and what are his coaching/directing ethos.