Ski Lessons

Lesson reservations are the best way to ensure your spot.
Reservations can be made one week in advance. Please call us at (530) 583-5475 to reserve your lesson.

Private Lesson Packages

  • Private lesson times are offered at 9:30am and 12:30pm
  • Lesson may include more than one person, if all individuals agree to be grouped together and the total is less than 5 individuals
  • Lesson package rate includes day ticket & rental equipment (skis, boots, poles)

Group Lesson Packages

  • A group lesson time is offered at 11:00am (classic only)
  • Lesson includes up to 10 other individuals
  • Lesson package rate includes day ticket & rental equipment (skis, boots, poles)

Scroll down for rates and FAQ

Lesson Packages

  • Private Lesson
  • $160 per person
70 and over
  • Private Lesson
  • $138 per person
  • Private Lesson
  • $110 per person
  • Group Lesson
  • $132 per person
70 and over
  • Group Lesson
  • $99 per person
11 -18
  • Group Lesson
  • $77 per person
What's included with my lesson package?

Lesson packages include one hour with an instructor (classic or skate, your choice and will be discussed and decided upon during the reservation call), one day ticket and rental equipment (skis, boots, and poles).

What can I expect during a lesson?

The instructor will explain the equipment to you (including how to get it on and take it off), demonstrate how to move and balance while on skis, negotiate different types of terrain (flat, uphill, downhill), how to get up if you fall, and more. Your instructor will analyze how you are performing and offer personalized tips and suggestions.

Should I skate or classic ski?

Cross-country skiing (also called Nordic skiing) is separated into two unique styles: classic and skate.

Classic Skiing – If you are new to skiing or snow sports, we recommend starting with the Classic Ski Lesson. Classic skiing is when both skis kick and glide in a parallel motion, usually in groomed tracks. The motion is akin to walking, shuffling, and/or running.

Skate Skiing – If you are comfortable on skis and ready to advance to the next level, you may be ready for a skate ski lesson. Skate skiing employs a V-shaped, herring-bone technique where the ski tips angle away from each other in an alternating motion, similar to ice skating. Skate skiing requires more balance, and a decent level of fitness, especially at altitude. It also requires a familiarity with skiing on snow.

Private lessons may choose between classic or skate skiing. All group lessons are taught classic skiing. Scroll down for more FAQ about how to prepare for your lesson.

Can I take a lesson with my kids?

Children 11-18 may take a private OR group lesson with you. Children under 11 are not eligible for group lessons. We offer private lessons for children ages 6-11, and strongly encourage parents not to attend. This policy is to preserve the level of instruction for both private and group lessons. Unfortunately, we do not offer lessons for children under the age of 6 at this time. We recommend adults and children take ski lessons separately.

Is there an age requirement for kids?

Yes, kids must be at least 6 years of age to be eligible for a lesson. Children between the ages of 6-11 may take a private lesson. Children 11-18 may take a private OR group lesson.

Can I ski before and/or after my lesson?

You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson start time. During this time, you will get set up with your (rental or personal) equipment, sign waivers, meet your instructor and become oriented. If you’d like to ski before your lesson, you may do so, however, we ask that you honor the start time of your lesson, and check back in at the front desk 30 minutes prior to your lesson. After your lesson, you are welcome to ski, use your gear and your newly learned techniques until close.

Can I choose my instructor?

No, your instructor will be assigned to your lesson based on scheduling and availability. You can request a specific instructor, but we cannot guarentee you will be matched.

Do I have to make a lesson reservation or can I walk-in and receive a lesson?

A lesson reservation is the surest way to receive a lesson. If you prefer spontaneity, we are happy to accomodate walk-ins with a lesson on a space available basis.

How should I prepare for my lesson? What should I dress in and/or bring with me?

It is advised that you wear layers and proper snow clothes. This includes snow pants, jacket, gloves, socks, hat/beanie/headband/sun hat. Sunglasses are advised, not goggles. Please bring your own water bottle and backpack for your belongings.

Do you offer lessons only? I have my own equipment and trail pass day-ticket.

If you have your own equipment and a day-ticket to use the trails, then you can purchase a lesson only. Rates vary, please call us at (530) 583-5475 to reserve your lesson.