COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan

Updated 25 April 2022

Our number one priority is the safety of our staff, trail users, and community.

In response to the current surge and to preserve critical infrastructure that serves us all, including hospitals and schools, we will be operating under the most current issue by Placer County Public Health. Please read CDC guidelines and this COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan before coming to Tahoe XC. All events, programs, trails, and this plan are subject to change. You can stay informed by signing up for our newsletter.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as we do our best to provide a safe experience for all.

Table of Contents

Face Masks & Physical Distancing Required
Season Passes, Day Tickets & Trail Use
Dog on Leash
Lodge & Services
Youth Programs
Additional Resources

Face Masks & Physical Distancing Required

Staff will continue to wear face masks while indoors. Guests may choose whether to wear a face mask upon entry to the Lodge. We ask that you remain respectful and mindful to others’ mask wearing choice as we all navigate through our own individual paths and cirucmstances through this evolvoing pandemic. The information below is in the process of being updated and may change for Summer 2022 programs and clinics. Please check this page often to stay updated.

What is an acceptable face mask?

  • Acceptable masks have two or more layers that fit securely over the nose and mouth.
  • A double-layered buff is acceptible.
  • Face shields, single-layer fabric, and loose attempts are not considered acceptable by Tahoe XC.
  • Read How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask.

Season Passes, Day Tickets & Trail Use

Again this year, Trail Stewards & Tahoe XC Hosts

  • Tahoe XC Hosts and Trail Stewards will be checking passes and providing on-trail support for guests.
  • If a Trail Steward or Host asks to see your pass, please comply.
  • Our ultimate goal is to preserve the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing experience for all of our guests and staff.

Season Passes

  • You can purchase your season pass online and pick it up at the Annual Ski Swap, or the first day we are open for skiing at our outside ticket window.
  • Returning season pass holders can either bring in last year’s pass and get a sticker, or get a new pass printed with last year’s picture.
  • NEW season pass holders, welcome to the family! You will need to take a picture (and briefly remove your face mask) and we will print your new Tahoe XC Season Pass.
  • We will be actively checking trail passes, so please ski with your season pass accessible.
  • Replacement passes will be charged $5.00

10-Pack Tickets

  • You will soon be able to purchase your 10-pack online soon, stay posted.

Pass Refund Policy due to COVID-19

  • If a government agency requires Tahoe XC to stop operating for any reason, we will not be issuing refunds for season passes or 10-packs. Due to the fluidity of previous winters and the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, we will do everything we can to reopen as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for your understanding and your support.


We do not foresee having to implement a reservation system for trail use; however, we all need to be prepared with a contingency plan in case trails become overcrowded. If it becomes clear that trails are becoming overcrowded or congested, we may choose to

  1. Reduce or stop day ticket sales
  2. Implement a scheduling system for Season Pass Holders to reduce overcrowding
  3. Close operations

Any restrictions we make will be based solely on our efforts to maintain the safety of our community and to continue operations. If reducing capacity allows us to continue grooming, we will do so.

This potential restriction for Season Pass Holders would be highly unusual and contrary to our “no blackout days” policy, but these are unusual times, and we are asking everyone to be extremely flexible, patient, and understanding. We are doing our best to prepare for the unknown and will inform you of changes via this website and email newsletter.


  • Private and group lessons are available. To learn more, please see our lessons page.
  • All participants are required to wear proper face masks when checking in and possibly during certain aspects of the lesson.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not wearing a proper face mask.

Dogs on Leash Rules

  • Dogs are always required to be on leash at Tahoe XC in the parking lot and trailhead.
  • To eliminate unintentional contact between guests, dogs, and guests with dogs, all dogs must be on leash until you begin your ski and are safely distanced from the trailhead.
  • Do not allow your dog to approach other skiers. This can make it very hard to maintain physical distancing between guests.
  • Review all Dog Trail Rules in full before coming to Tahoe XC with your pooch.

Lodge & Services

Inside the Lodge

  • We will be limiting the number of people inside the lodge.
  • There is no changing or personal gear storage inside the lodge.
  • All areas of operation, including high-contact areas such as restrooms, tables, ticket window areas and rental shop will be frequently cleaned and disinfected
  • Hand sanitizer is available for staff and guests.
  • Face masks are required inside the lodge at all times, regardless of vaccination status.


  • Bathrooms in the lodge are available and will be cleaned several times a day by staff and multiple times a week by professional cleaners.
  • Only one guest in the restroom at a time (except families with young children).

Warming Huts

  • Warming huts and/or picnic tables may be provided, conditions permitting. However, no water or beverage service will be provided. Guests must pack out their own trash.
  • Warming hut doors are to be open at all times.
  • Only one guest in warming huts at a time (except families with young children).
  • Practice physical distancing while at tables, which are first-come first-serve.

Youth Programs

Our number one priority is safety. Key factors to program success are

  • Physical distancing between kids and between kids and their instructors
  • Self-sufficient skiers who can put on and take off their own gear without assistance
  • Wearing face masks as directed by Tahoe XC
  • Parents being good role models of appropriate Covid behavior

Parents Responsibility & Public Safety

  • We encourage parents and guardians to take their children’s temperatures prior to arrival to Tahoe XC. If symptoms are detected a child must stay home.
  • By allowing your kid(s) to participate in any Tahoe XC event or program, you acknowledge that neither your kid(s) nor anyone in your household is showing symptoms related to COVID-19 or has been exposed to anyone who has tested positive, or is currently waiting for test results, for COVID-19.
  • Your diligence and dedication to public safety is required for our programs to continue.
  • If your child is in quarantine due to a school related exposure, we ask that you follow quarantine measures for extracurricular activities, and do not attend our youth programs until your child resumes school

Contactless Drop-off & Pick-Up

  • Parents should remain in their vehicle when dropping off and picking up kid(s).
  • There will be a Loading Zone, marked by cones to use.
  • Children should put on their ski clothes and boots in the car and be able to carry their own equipment directly to the program’s assigned meeting place.

Physical Distancing Required

  • It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure your kid(s) understand, abide by, and respect the CDC’s guidelines of physical distancing and maintain 6 feet from others.
  • Participants must maintain 6 feet of physical distancing from everyone else at all times.

Face Masks Required

  • All participants are required to wear face masks during drop off, pick up, in the parking lot, and at the trailhead. If parents exit their vehicle for any reason, they should be wearing a face mask.
  • Once skiers leave the trailhead, and continue to be 6 feet apart, they may remove their masks while skiing. Upon returning to the trailhead, skiers must put their masks back on.
  • Acceptable masks have two or more layers and are securely placed over the nose and mouth. Face shields, single-layer fabric, and loose attempts are not acceptable.

Youth Program Refund Policy due to COVID-19

  • If a government agency requires Tahoe XC to stop operating a program, we will offer refunds only if the program has not yet started.
  • Participants who miss a session for any reason are not eligible for refunds.

Additional Resources

Learn how to safely recreate in Tahoe this year by reviewing these additional resources.

Local Resources

National Resources

Thank you for helping to keep our community healthy and safe!

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