Trail Map

50 km of skate and classic tracks groomed to perfection.

21 ski trails and 1 snowshoe specific trail, all through forests and meadows, some with stunning views of Lake Tahoe. 3 trailside warming huts, 9 kilometers of dog-friendly trails, and fun for the entire family.

Our Trail System

The trail map above is an interactive map where you can zoom in and out and move around the trail system. The trails are overlaid on a Google Map and are to scale.

How to use this map

  • You can interact with the map on this page by zooming in and out
  • The trails are marked with distance and icons appropriating it’s use, ie: dog trails have a dog icon
  • To learn which trails are groomed daily, return to our homepage here
  • You can also download this PDF and print our trail map

Buy or Borrow

Tahoe XC is committed to practicing trail stewardship, reciprocity, and responsibility. What does this mean? It means that we believe the actions we take have an effect on the land and people around us. We understand it is our responsibility to give to the future, by maintaining the physical condition of the trails today, for tomorrow’s generations of skiers, riders, hikers, and explorers. There were those who enjoyed this land before us, and it is up to us to ensure the trails will be here for those who come next. Inline with our commitment and practice, we encourage you to borrow a gentle used map and return it to be re-used after you are finished with it. Maps may also be purchased for $3.00. For those who borrow, recycling vessels are located around the property.

Buy or Borrow

Before You Go…

Before hitting the trails, please refer to our trail etiquette & recommendations page for up to date information and responsibilities.

Dog Trail Rules

Dog-friendly trails are noted on the map above with the paw icon. Please note the below Dog Trail Rules before bringing your pups to Tahoe XC. Dogs are required to have a trail pass to use the trails. Season Pass & Day Ticket info is available here.

  • Dogs are permitted on dog-specific trails ONLY (indicated on our maps with a paw icon)
  • Leashes required at the trailhead and parking lot
  • Service dogs are allowed inside the lodge and must be wearing a certified dog vest to enter
  • Clean up after your dog. Free poop bags are provided.
  • Place all poop bags in garbage cans
  • Stay on designated dog trails only
  • Keep your dog close and under strict voice command
  • Skijoring is not allowed
  • Leave aggressive and unruly dogs at home

Fat Bike Policy

We do not allow any fat bikes at Tahoe XC during the winter season. We appologize for any inconvenience, but our trail system is groomed specifically for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. At this time, we do not have the capacity to create specific trails for fat bikes and we cannot allow them on our ski and snowshoe trails because they effect the quality of our grooming. Thank you for your cooperation and for understanding.