Ski Rentals

  • $34 All Day Rental
under 19
  • $28 All Day Rental
  • $30 All Day Rental
Adult and Youth
  • $22 Adult All Day Rental
  • $17 Youth All Day Rental
What should I wear?

When cross-county skiing or snowshoeing, it is best to wear layers of non-cotton clothing: a thin base layer, a middle insulating layer, and an outer windproof/water- resistant layer. We do not recommend wearing thick Gortex downhill ski bibs or jackets, as they tend to be very hot. Expect to generate more body heat while cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Being prepared with multiple thin layers allows you to remove or add layers as needed. Other essentials include sunglasses, hat, gloves, non-cotton socks and sunscreen.

When snowshoeing, add comfortable, lightweight, waterproof shoes to the above list, as snow tends to spill atop shoes regardless of conditions.

What equipment do I need?

Rental packages include cross-country skis (skate or classic), boots (skate, classic or combi) and poles. Snowshoe rental packages include snowshoes and poles. We offer rental equipment for all ages, weights and sizes on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I bring my small children?

Tahoe XC offers kids skis or pulk sleds for rental, allowing parents to safely tow a child while still in his or her own car seat. One- or two-seat pulk sleds provide enough additional space for snacks, blankets and a pair of small skis, which are included in the sled rental.

Can I bring my dog?

Bring the family dog! 8 kilometers of dog-friendly trails include Blue, Special Green and Dogonit trails. Please see our dog-friendly rule and hours on our trails page.

Forget something?

Essential ski clothing, accessories and snacks are sold in the lodge in case you or your family forgets something.