Season Passes


Rent affordable winter ski and snowshoe packages for the whole family, including classic skis, skate skis, boots, poles, and snowshoes.

  • Cross-country ski rental packages include cross-country skis, boots, and poles.
  • Snowshoe rental packages include snowshoes and poles.
  • Trail passes are not included and must be purchased separately.
  • All rentals are due back at 4:00pm same day.
  • In order to customize and optimize your experience, all rentals must be arranged in person.
  • Adult Ski Package

    All day rental of Classic or Skate skis. Rental includes skis, poles and boots. For Adults, 19 yrs and above.


  • Youth Ski Package

    All day rental of Classic or Skate skis. Rental includes skis, poles and boots. For Youth, under 19.


  • Adult Snowshoe Package

    All day rental of Snowshoes. Rentals include a pair of snowshoes and poles. For Adults, 19 yrs and above.


  • Youth Snowshoe Package

    All day rental of Snowshoes. Rentals include a pair of snowshoes and poles. For Youth, under 19.



Plan Your Visit

Tahoe XC is a cross-country ski and snowshoe recreation area located 2 miles northeast of Tahoe City, California. There are no chairlifts or downhill slopes, just the celebration of human-powered sports. Please respect our neighborhood community by only parking at the Tahoe XC trailhead.

What to expect in winter

Enjoy over 50 kilometers of world-class groomed trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing that meander through quiet pine forests and lead to excellent views of Lake Tahoe. There are no chairlifts, as this is not a downhill ski resort. Instead, skate skiers, classic skiers, and snowshoers are who Tahoe XC serves best. Before and after your ski or snowshoe, sit fireside in the lodge with a warm cup of tea or cocoa and a lite snack from the Free Heel Café.

What to bring in winter

You are welcome to bring your own cross-country skis and snowshoes and just purchase a day ticket or season pass. Downhill and backcountry gear is not the right equipment for Tahoe XC. If you forget something, our rental shop sells the latest, greatest cross-country gear, clothes, drinks, and snacks.

What should I wear?

Wear layers when cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. We recommend a non-cotton thin base layer, middle insulating layer, and lightweight outer layer that is windproof and/or water resistant, as well as gloves, wool socks, a hat or headband, sunglasses (not goggles that tend to fog up), a water bottle, and pack for your belongings. Expect to get warm while moving and to cool down on longer downhills or when resting at one of our trail-side warming huts and picnic tables. Thick downhill ski jackets and pants are often too hot when actively moving but will work if you are not moving too quickly. Expect to add and remove layers throughout the day and be prepared for changing and inclement weather at any time.

Can I purchase online?

You can purchase a season pass online, but you cannot buy day tickets or rental packages online. After 25 years of customer service and because finding the right system for each customer is nuanced, we believe that the best way to ensure you have an amazing experience is if you come into the lodge, talk to staff, let us help you select the appropriate gear, and then purchase day tickets and rental packages in person.

Can I afford this type of skiing?

Yes! Probably. Tahoe XC is founded on the promise of keeping outdoor recreation affordable and accessible to all, which is why children under 19 years old and adults 70 and older always ski for free. Thanks to a long list of partners and community contributors, volunteers, staff, and our all-volunteer Board of Directors, Tahoe XC works hard to keep adult (19-69) prices reasonable and affordable.

What type of equipment should I rent?

When you arrive, our friendly staff will help fit you with the best type of rental gear based on your interest, experience, and comfort level. This rental gear fitting is most productive when done in person. Please give yourself a little extra time to accommodate the rental gear process. Meanwhile, here’s a description of the types of on-snow equipment we rent:

  • Snowshoes – If you are very new to snow sports, snowshoeing can be an excellent place to start. Snowshoeing is the equivalent of walking, using wide flat snowshoes for increased surface area and poles for balance. If you are stable and comfortable walking, are uncomfortable on skis, or simply seek the serenity of walking amid towering pines, you may enjoy snowshoeing the best. You can always come back into the lodge and upgrade to skis later.

  • Classic skis – If you are new to snow sports but want to try skiing, we recommend starting with the Classic Ski Package. Classic skiing is similar to walking or running, where the skier pushes each ski forward, alternating between gripping the base and gliding on each ski. We have beginner fish-scale skis as well as high performance waxless and skin classic skis. We also offer a group Classic Lesson Package that includes rentals.

  • Skate skis – If you are comfortable moving on snow, whether from skate, classic, downhill skiing or snowboarding, and you are ready to advance to the next level of cross-country skiing, you may enjoy the Skate Ski Package. Skate skiing employs a V-shaped technique where the ski tips angle away from each other in an alternating motion similar to ice skating. Skate skiing requires balance, strength, and coordination. We offer a private Skate Lesson Package, which is highly recommended for newer skate skiers to learn some initial techniques that will enhance your experience on the trails tremendously.
What's included with my rental?

All ski packages come with skis, boots, and poles using the NNN/Prolink system. Snowshoe rentals come with one pair of snowshoes and poles. Day tickets are not included with rentals and must be purchased separately. We also rent items individually in case you forgot something or own some of your own gear. All our ski rentals have the NNN/ProLink system so be sure the gear you want to supplement fits the NNN/ProLink system. To learn more about the various Nordic systems read our blog: How to Shop a Ski Swap.

Do you offer lessons?

Yes, we offer classic and skate ski lessons for youths and adults. Visit our lessons page for more details. We do not offer snowshoe lessons.

Do I need to bring additional equipment?

If you are renting a full Classic or Skate Ski Package, you do not need to bring additional equipment unless you have special requirements or needs. Skis, boots, and poles are all included in all rental packages. If you are renting snowshoes, please wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes, preferably waterproof. Unfortunately at this time we do not rent sit skis.

Can I bring my whole family?

Absolutely! Children under 19 years old and adults 70 and older ski for free! Youth skis and snowshoes are available to rent in the rental shop. We also rent pulk sleds for little ones, which allow parents to safely tow a child behind while skiing using their own car seat. One- or two-seat pulk sleds provide enough additional space for snacks, blankets and toddler skis, which are included in the sled rental. Ask the front staff for more information about pulk sleds.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, bring the family dog! We groom 8 kilometers of dog-friendly trails, indicated on the trail map with a paw icon. Dogs are permitted on dog-specific trails ONLY. Leashes are required at the trailhead and in parking lot. Only service dogs wearing certified service vests are allowed inside the lodge. Poop bags and garbage cans are near the trailhead for your convenience; please clean up after your dog. Keep your dog close and under strict voice command; leave aggressive and unruly dogs at home. We do not allow skijoring on any trails at Tahoe XC.

Can I fat bike at Tahoe XC?

No, we do not allow any fat bikes at Tahoe XC during the winter season. We apologize for any inconvenience, but our trail system is groomed specifically for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. At this time, we do not have the capacity to create specific trails for fat bikes and we cannot allow them on our ski and snowshoe trails because they affect the quality of our grooming. Thank you for your cooperation and for understanding.

Can I sit in the Lodge?

Yes, please! Sip a hot drink by our warm fire between going outside in the snow. The lodge has Wi-Fi, bathrooms, a retail shop, and the Free Heel Cafe.