Season Passes

Thank you for choosing Tahoe XC as your year-round recreation area. You can purchase your rental equipment on-site when you visit us. Below is information on what we offer.

Please respect our neighborhood community by only parking at the Tahoe XC trailhead.

Rentals do not include access to the trails.
If you need to purchase a day ticket or season pass, you will need to do that separately. All rental agreements require that you review and sign our terms and conditions.

  • Adult Ski Package

    All day rental of Classic or Skate skis. Rental includes skis, poles and boots. For Adults, 19 yrs and above.


  • Youth Ski Package

    All day rental of Classic or Skate skis. Rental includes skis, poles and boots. For Youth, under 19.


  • Adult Snowshoe Package

    All day rental of Snowshoes. Rentals include a pair of snowshoes and poles. For Adults, 19 yrs and above.


  • Youth Snowshoe Package

    All day rental of Snowshoes. Rentals include a pair of snowshoes and poles. For Youth, under 19.


Tahoe XC Rental Includes

  • The items as they are stated in the item description box
  • Use of the rental equipment from the time that you pick it up until 4:00pm
What type of skis should I rent?

Classic Ski – If you are new to skiing or snow sports, we recommend starting with the Classic Ski Package. Classic skiing is when the skier alternatively pushes the grip portion of each ski into the snow and glides on the other ski, usually in groomed tracks. The motion is akin to walking and/or running.

Skate Ski – If you are comfortable on skis and ready to advance to the next level, we recommend the Skate Ski Package. Skate skiing employs a V-shaped technique where the ski tips angle away from each other in an alternating motion, similar to ice skating. Skate skiing requires balance, strength, and technique- we encourage you to take a lesson. Scroll down for more FAQ about how to prepare for your cross-country ski rentals.

What's included with my rental?

All ski packages come with skis, boots, and poles. Snowshoe rentals come with 1 pair of snowshoes and poles. Day tickets are not included with rentals and must be purchased separately. We also rent items individually in case you forgot something or own some of your own gear. All our ski rentals have the NNN/ProLink system so be sure the gear you want to supplement fits the NNN/ProLink system.

What system is your rental gear?

All our rental skis and boots use the ProLink/NNN system (New Nordic Norm). To learn more about various ProLink/NNN vs SNS, read our blog: How to Shop a Ski Swap.

Do you offer lessons?

Yes, we offer classic and skate ski lessons for youths and adults. Visit our Lessons page for more details. We do not offer snowshoe lessons.

What should I wear?

Wear layers when cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Expect to get warm while moving and to cool down on longer downhills or when resting at one of our trail-side picnic tables with a view.

We recommend non-cotton layers: thin base layer, middle insulating layer, and lightweight outer layer that is windproof and/or water resistent. Thick downhill ski jackets and pants are often too hot, but will work if you are not moving too quickly. Expect to add and remove layers throughout the day and be prepared for changing and inclement weather at any time.

Additional recommended gear includes gloves, hat, sunglasses, non-cotton socks, and a small pack or hip belt to carry water and snacks.

Do I need to bring additional equipment?

If you are renting a full Classic or Skate Ski Package, you do not need to bring additional equipment unless you have special requirements or needs. Skis, boots, and poles are all included in all rental packages.

If you are renting showshoes, please wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes, preferrably waterproof.

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely! Youth under 19 ski for free. Youth skis and snowshoes are available to rent in the rental shop. For litte ones, we also rent pulk sleds, which allow parents to safely tow a child behind while skiing, using their own car seat. One- or two-seat pulk sleds provide enough additional space for snacks, blankets and toddler skis, which are included in the sled rental.

Can I bring my dog?

Bring the family dog! We groom 8 kilometers of dog-friendly trails include Blue, Special Green and Dogonit trails. You must purchase a dog trail pass and please read our Dog Trail Rules before bringing your furry friends.

What if I forget something?

We sell essential clothing, accessories, sunglasses, drinks,and snacks in our cafe and retail shop in case you or a family member forgets something.

Is there a place to sit?

We have a quaint, cozy room in our lodge with a fireplace ,wifi, and the Free Heel Cafe. The Free Heel Cafe offers soup or chili (on the weekends), warm cookies, and hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate). We sell a selection of snacks, including ‘just add hot water’ soups and cold beverages.