Kids connecting with nature and friends.

Strider Gliders

After-school program introducing kids to cross-country skiing, physical activity, and the joys of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to volunteer instructors and donations, we are able to keep this program fun, safe, and affordable.

Gear drop-off dates are
April 19 & 20 from 3:00 - 5:00pm.

We ask that you honor these dates and times. If you are unable to drop your gear during these specific times, please contact Tim Hauserman directly to make other arrangements.


Read our COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan before coming to Tahoe XC. As safety continues to be our number one priority, we will again be limiting enrollment to 1st through 5th graders. We expect all participants to be self-sufficient with putting on and removing their own gear, maintaining physical distancing, and keeping themselves upright on snow.

2021-22 Program Details

  • Start date: January 2022
  • End date: March 2022
  • Program length: 6 weeks, with 2 make-up sessions possible (January-March)
  • Meeting time: 3:30-4:45pm at Tahoe XC
  • Registration: $115 per participant (includes ski lessons & seasonal equipment rental)

Age Requirements

Due to COVID-19 and the need for self-sufficient skiers and physical distancing, we are limiting enrollment to 1st through 5th grade this year. Thank you for understanding the precautions we are taking.

Schedule & Group Placement

Participants are placed in groups by ability level, which roughly correspond to their grade level. Your child’s skiing ability may not necessarily be aligned with his/her grade level. If you are unsure what group to register your child for, please contact Program Director Tim Hauserman.

Orange - 1st grade, Striders - FULL
Green - First year skating (mostly 2nd grade) - FULL
Violet - Third or Fouth year skating (mostly 4th and 5th grade)-FULL

Blue - Second year skating (mostly 3rd grade) - FULL
Violet - Third or fouth year skating (mostly 4th and 5th grade) - FULL
Red - Most advanced skating (mostly 4th and 5th grade) - FULL

Orange - 1st grade, Striders-FULL
Green - First year skating (mostly 2nd grade)-FULL
Blue - Second year skating (mostly 3rd grade)-FULL

Green - First year skating (mostly 2nd grade)-FULL
Blue - Second year skating (mostly 3rd grade)-FULL
Biathlon - Violet/Red skating (mostly 4th and 5th grade) - FULL

Season Equipment Rentals

Included in the program registration fee is a full season’s equipment rental, making Strider Gliders one of the most affordable programs around and the best bang for your buck. In return, we ask you to take care of our equipment properly:

–When storing cross-country skis use rubber bands (not tape) to keep sets of skis and poles together.
–Tie boot strings together in gentle knots, if at all.
–You are responsible for making sure your children do not ski over anything that is not snow.

Funding for equipment was generously donated by the Kiwanis Club of North Lake Tahoe. Thank you for investing in our community!

Gear Pick Up

Once enrollment is complete, you can expect to receive communication from Program Director, Tim Hauserman, with gear pick-up procedures and request for sizes. Your child does not need to be present to pick-up gear.

Laser Biathlon Program

Our Laser Biathlon Program uses safe laser rifles to introduce students to the amazing sport of biathlon. This program is available on Fridays only and is open to any athletes in Violet or Red Groups. An additional $30 is required at registration for this program.

Funding for our new biathlon equipment was generously donated by the Palisades Tahoe Philanthropic Committee, which sees the long-term value in supporting our community’s youth programs.

Ski & Shoot

Ski and shoot laser rifles at targets
Learn to ski faster (so you can shoot sooner)
Practice aim, technique and heart rate control

What kids are saying

“When Strider Gliders introduced their laser biathlon program, I was eager for the opportunity to get on my cross-country skis one more time a week. Throughout my beginning years in Strider Gliders, I couldn’t wait to get on skate skis.” - Cooper A., Tahoe City