Strider Gliders

Returning Gear from 2019-20 Season

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Strider Gliders with skis, boots, poles currently out should keep your gear until Fall 2020. We are counting on you to be careful with and responsible for all rental gear items until they can be safely returned.

  • Clean and disinfect gear, then store it somewhere safe throughout the summer. (Feel free to use storage wax!)
  • Use rubber bands, NOT TAPE, to keep pairs of poles and skis together.
  • Be kind with your knots if you tie boots together by the laces.
  • We will arrange several times for you to return the gear in the fall, most likely early October 2020. This will give us time to wax the skis and have the gear ready to redistribute in early December.
  • If you are moving out of the area, you must arrange to pass your rental gear on to another Strider Glider parent, who can then return it to us in the fall.
  • Any questions can be directed at Program Director Tim Hauserman at

Thank you.

2020-21 Program Details

The goal of Strider Gliders is to introduce children to cross-country skiing, healthy habits and physical activity that they can enjoy their entire life! Strider Gliders is an 8-week, after-school program for children 4 to 11 years old.

Program Dates

  • Start Date: January 4, 2021
  • End Date: March 5, 2021
  • Time: all groups meet from 3:30-4:45pm at Tahoe XC


  • Early Registration Cost: TBA
  • Late Registration Cost: TBA

Cost includes 8 lessons & seasonal Nordic equipment rental.

Age Requirement

  • Children must be 4 years old by January 1st to participate.

How To Register

  1. Visit our online registration site and register (Here’s our registration video tutorial).
  2. Choose your preferred day based on the Classes & Group listing below. Please make a note of which day you register and which group your children are in. This will make that first day run more smoothly.
  3. Attend the equipment issue day. We do not have the resources to issue equipment on an individual basis outside of these days and times. Your child must be present to try on equipment.

Weekly Ski Lessons

  • Your Strider Glider will meet as scheduled (see below); however, if a group misses a day due to inclement weather, we will try to provide one makeup day.
  • An average of 150 young skiers participate each season.
  • More than 50 volunteer instructors make this program fun, organized and affordable.

Cross-country skiing has taught my 4-year-old to balance on snow, and it’s making him a better downhill skier, too!” -Nick M., Tahoe City

Classes & Groups

Classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Below is the list of classes based on age groups.


Kinder (Beginner Classic Skiing)
Orange - 1st Grade (Intermediate Classic Skiing)
Green - 2nd grade (Beginner Skate Skiing)
Blue - 3rd grade (Intermediate Skate Skiing)
Violet - 4th & 5th grade (Advanced Skate Skiing)


Pre-school (Beginner Classic Skiing)
Kinder (Beginner Classic Skiing)
Blue - 3rd grade (Intermediate Skate Skiing)
Violet - 4th grade (Advanced Skate Skiing)
Red - 5th grade (Advanced Skate Skiing)


Pre-school (Beginner Classic Skiing)
Orange - 1st grade (Intermediate Classic Skiing)
Green - 2nd grade (Beginner Skate Skiing)
Biathlon - 3rd, 4th & 5th grade (Blue, Violet & Red Group athletes only)

Group Placement

  • Participants are placed in groups by ability level. Although the groups roughly correspond to grade level, your child’s skiing ability may not necessarily be aligned with his/her grade level.
  • A child from 3rd through 5th grade who has never been in the program may go into a class based on his/her ability rather than age. If you are unsure, please contact Tim Hauserman to discuss and determine your child’s ski group.
  • We will do our best to schedule your child on a day that works for you.

Laser Biathlon Program

Our Laser Biathlon Program uses safe laser rifles to introduce students to the amazing sport of biathlon. This program is availabe on Fridays only and is open to any athletes in Blue, Violet or Red Groups. An additional $30 is required at registration for this program.

  • Ski and shoot laser rifles at targets
  • Learn to ski faster (so you can shoot sooner)
  • Practice aim, technique and controlling your heart rate

Several former Strider Glider laser biathlon participants have gone on to become world class biathletes, and many former Strider Gliders have the most fond memories of our biathlon program.

“When Strider Gliders introduced their laser biathlon program, I was eager for the opportunity to get on my cross-country skis one more time a week. Throughout my beginning years in Strider Gliders, I couldn’t wait to get on skate skis.” - Cooper A., Tahoe City

Read Cooper’s full testimonal about laser biathlon.

Equipment Issue Dates & Times

Gear Pick Up at Tahoe XC

  • Gear Pickup Date: December 8th and 9th, 2019
  • Gear Pickup Time: 3:00-5:00pm at Tahoe XC

Please bring your Strider Glider participants to the gear pick up so they can try on boots and be sized appropriately.

Gear Drop Off at Tahoe XC

Updated 16 March 2020: Gear give back is being delayed so you can enjoy the new snowfall. We’ll be in touch with parents for when to return Strider Glider gear. For now, get outside and ski!

  • Gear Drop off #1: TBA
  • Gear Drop off #2: TBA

Please clean and disenfect the skis, poles and boots. Please use rubber bands (not tape) to tie sets of skis and poles together. Please tie boot strings together. Children do not need to be present to return gear. The process should take just a few minutes to return gear and check paperwork.

Thank you!