Junior Development (DEVO) Team

The TCCSEA Devo program is an early development program for cross-country skiing. It is the next step in the development pipeline after Strider Gliders, or any similar program. The goal of the Devo program is to develop cross-country ski skills, promote general fitness, and create a love of the sport that will last a lifetime. It is important at this early stage of development to start ski-specific training to instill good habits, prevent injury and increase efficiency. Devo also encourages young athletes to participate in a broad base of activities, including skate and classic roller skiing, running, mountain biking, ski walking, hill bounding, hiking and games. Training sessions are held 3 days a week: 2 mid-week and 1 weekend day. Practices are challenging yet fun, and the program’s focus is to develop well-rounded athletes, whether they go on to compete in high school and college or just want to crush the Great Ski Race.


  • Open to athletes age 11-14.
  • Summer Session: June 1 - September 1, 2019, Mon, Wed, Sat (times vary)
  • Sessions are divided by ability to ensure appropriate workouts while maintaining a cohesive team environment.


Athletes meet at Tahoe Cross-Country and will be transported to workouts in the team van. On some occasions, parent volunteers will be required to help transport athletes on training days. Locations range from Tahoe City to West Shore to Truckee area.

Athletes will have access to classic and skate rollerskis skis, poles, and boots as part of their dues. All other training equipment- trail running shoes, all weather clothing, water bottle & holder, helmet, pads and snacks are the athlete’s responsibility. Contact the Tahoe XC Devo coach for a full list of requirements.