Junior Development (Devo) Team

Devo Team is an early development program focused on training athletes ages 11-14 interested in improving their Nordic ski technique. This next step in our youth development pipeline is perfect for graduates of Strider Gliders.

Year-Round Schedule

  • Summer: June 1-August 31 (3 months)
  • Fall: September 1-November 31 (3 months)
  • Winter: January-March 31 (3 months)
  • Spring: break (April-May)

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, all details are tentative and subject to change based on state and county directives.

3 Weekly Workouts for 3 Months

  • Athletes and coaches meet 3 times per week, typically at Tahoe XC

    • Times and locations vary based on activity and coaching schedule
    • Practices range from 1-3 hours
    • Exceptions may include weather, trail conditions, holidays, coach availability, and “field trip” workouts
    • Email notifications will be sent ahead of time with details about each workout, time, and meeting place
  • The goal of each workout is to

    • develop and build upon cross-country ski skills and techniques
    • promote general fitness
    • get outside with friends
    • foster love for a healthy lifestyle
  • This early stage of development is a critical time to start ski-specific training to

    • instill good habits
    • prevent injury
    • increase efficiency
    • establish a solid foundation for young, developing athletes
  • Expect practices to be
    • challenging and fun
    • a great workout
    • team-building with individual attention

On-Snow and Dry-Land Training

In summer, fall, and winter, Devo Team focusing on developing cross-country ski skills, strength, and technique. Workouts are designed to encourage kids to try a broad range of activities, including but not limited to

  • Summer Training:

    • skate and classic roller skiing
    • trail running
    • mountain biking
    • ski walking
    • hill bounding
    • hiking
    • team games
  • Winter Training:
    • skate and classic skiing
    • touring
    • weight lifting
    • plyometrics
    • yoga
    • team games

Age Requirement

  • Athletes should be between ages 11-14
  • Motivated athletes are welcome (younger and older kids may be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Kids should be excited about developing their cross-country skiing techniques
  • Grouping is by ability and experience so that each workout is appropriately challenging and fun

Cost & Registration

  • Program cost is $550 per participant per session (summer, fall, winter)
  • No refunds are given for cancelled workouts due to weather, trail conditions, or elements outside of our control
  • Registration and waiver is required
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we will consider partial to full refunds on a case-by-case basis.

No Drop-ins at this time

Due to COVID-19, we currently cannot allow drop-ins until further notice. See below for normal, non-COVID times drop-in details.

  • Drop-in cost is $20 per participant per workout.
  • Registration and waiver is required and must be presented to coach upon attendance.
  • Devo Team is designed as a progressive training program and full session sign-up is recommended. To this extent, the coach will not be able to cater workouts to fit drop-in needs, if it’s to the detriment of the scheduled workout and the full-session participants.
  • Before dropping in, please contact the Devo Coach to learn what gear and workout is required for that session.

Required Gear

  • Participants must provide their own gear, which varies based on the workout assigned by the coach, with the exception of roller ski, pole, and boot rentals, which are included in the program cost.
  • If an athlete does not have the requested gear, the coach will discuss options and find a suitable solution.
  • All kids are required to provide their own water and snacks, as none are provided.
  • Required gear for a successful summer includes the following:
    • Trail running shoes
    • Helmet
    • Elbow and knee pads
    • Eye protection
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Layered clothing appropriate for varying weather conditions
    • Sunscreen
    • Smile and a positive attitude

NOTE: Please do not let gear be an obstacle for your child. If you do not have access to gear on the above list, contact us and we can try to help solve gear issues. We do not want equipment challenges to prevent any child from participating in this program.


  • Athletes meet at Tahoe XC and workout either at Tahoe XC or are transported to workouts in the team van.
  • On some occasions, parent volunteers may be required to help transport athletes on training days.
  • Locations range from Tahoe City to West Shore to Truckee area.

2021 Devo Coach: Casey Jowers

Casey Jowers is an emergency room physician at Tahoe Forest Hospital who, in a time when his job has never been more demanding, offered to take on the role of Junior Developement (Devo) Team coach.

To get an insight of someone who can only regarded as a community hero, Tahoe XC Board Member Renee Koijane recently interviewed Casey Jowers in the Sierra Sun:

Hometown Hero at Tahoe XC: An Interview with Casey Jowers

Casey Jowers headshot

Previous Devo Coaches

At Tahoe XC, we strive to hire relatable, aspiring athletes to coach our youth programs. Over the years, we’ve had many incredible coaches, who often pursue their own form of higher athletics. Many past Devo Team Coaches were once Strider Gliders as well.

  • JC Schoonmaker (2020, former Strider Glider)
  • Brandon Herhusky (2019, former Stridger Glider)
  • n/a (2018)
  • Peter Holmes (2017, former Strider Glider)
  • Aliska Albrigtsen (2016)
  • Wilson Dippo (2015)