New Strider Glider Leaders

Meghan Pry & Deedee Driller

It’s the end of an era. Tim Hauserman, Strider Glider Program Director, stepped down this Winter. And it took us a while to find the right person, and then suddenly we realized that the right person was actually two people: A Program Director and a Lead Coach. Introducing, Meghan Pry and Deedee Driller as our new Strider Glider Leaders.

For twenty years I was lucky enough to be the Director of Tahoe XC’s Strider Gliders program. As I ran the program I always had a passion for providing a happy place for kids to learn how to cross-country ski. When I decided to step down from the Director position I did so with a bit of trepidation because I wanted to make sure that whoever took over the reins would have that same passion for cross-country skiing as I do. I also hoped that they would both continue the traditions of the program while adapting and evolving it to become even better in the future.

It took us a while to find the right person, and then suddenly we realized that the right person was actually two people: A Program Director and a Lead Coach.

Meghan Pry, Program Director

Meghan Pry will be the new Program Director. Meghan served as a Strider Glider coach last year while her children were in the program. She has lived in Incline for the past eight years while falling in love with cross-country skiing. She originally came to the west coast from Maine to attend Stanford.

The Program Director will be in charge of organizing and running the program. She will be doing the email communication with coaches and parents, arranging for distribution and return of gear, and generally being the person who keeps the program running along smoothly. I promised I would teach her how to write corny emails to keep parents and coaches entertained or at least rolling their eyes and groaning.

Meghan Pry

Deedee Driller, Lead Coach

Deedee Driller will take over the new position of Lead Coach. Deedee has been living in Tahoe, coaching kids, and managing ski teams in various forms for the past 35 years. She also served as a Strider Glider Coach and both of her children attended Strider Gliders, and then went on to become top-notch Alpine skiers. I will never forget Garrett Driller’s daredevil skills and what surely was the worst self-inflicted bloody nose I’d ever seen. The Lead Coach will be the on-the-snow leader; helping out coaches, making sure things run smoothly on the snow, and touching bases with the parents.

Deedee Driller

As the guy who did it solo for all those years, an especially important and stress-reducing aspect of the new setup is that Meghan and Deedee will cover for each other on the snow. If one of them gets sick or for some reason can’t make it one day, the other one will be there to replace them. This will be an enormous relief for both of them.

I’ve promised I will be around to train the new leaders and will help out with some on-the-snow training for coaches next season. So guess what? No worries about Strider Gliders, it will go roaring into the future, perhaps creating another world-class ski racer like JC Schoonmaker, but certainly enabling thousands of kids to fall in love with the greatest sport on earth.

Strider Gliders

Strider Gliders is our flagship program, after-school program introducing kids to cross-country skiing, physical activity, and the joys of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to volunteer instructors and donations, we are able to keep this program fun, safe, and affordable.