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Trails Update

Updated 25 February 2021

Another brisk, spring-like morning here at Tahoe XC. The groomers were out last night making beautiful corduroy. Enjoy another great day!

Trail of the Day: Blue

Glide Wax of the Day: Blue to Red

Kick Wax of the Day: Violet to Multigrade Klister

Dog Trails: We have added a modified Extra Green as a Dog Trail!- please be mindful of the trails where dogs are not allowed and pick up your dog’s poop!* See full dog trail rules.

Snowshoers, with a valid trail pass, are allowed on all the trails that skiers are. We ask that snowshoers walk to the far side of the skate lane, not down the middle, nor on the classic tracks. Thank you all for sharing the trails!

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COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan

Ski Area Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm daily

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Extra Green
  • Special Green
  • Special Orange
  • Lakeview Cutoff
  • Snowshoe Trail
  • Yellow Hut
    Warming Shelter only
  • Dogonit
  • Orange
  • Shady Red
  • Blue
  • Wintergreen
  • Purple
  • Special Gold
  • Orange Hut
    Warming Shelter only
  • Uff Da
  • Lakeview
    To the View and back
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Extra Gold
  • Nose Dive
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Silver Hut
    Warming Shelter Only
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