Tahoe Cross Country needs your help!

February 12, 2016.

Dear Tahoe-Truckee Community,

There’s nothing like weeping because ice crystals are falling into your eyes, your mouth, your outstretched hands as you laugh at the sky and pray for more snow. That’s what we’ve been doing and it feels great! We’ve been proud to see so many people and canines enjoying our trails at Tahoe Cross Country and the Winter Sports Park. All of our ski programs are running smoothly. Our groomers (both human and machine) have gotten the attention they need. The holiday snow brought crowds and business reminiscent of years past, and we have not forgotten that the support of our community is what got us here in the first place. Each donor, pass-holder, daily skier and snowshoer has been our foundation through thick and thin and we are overjoyed to provide first-class grooming, rentals, lessons, and cafe services all season in return. While each groomer is grooming, cafe workers are brewing, our ski techs are waxing, and Valli is smiling, we have a crew of outstanding volunteers who also bolster TXC’s welcoming atmosphere. These selfless individuals warm our hearts...and stoke our fire, fit our boots, shovel our walkways, mark our trails, time our races, volunteer at the ski swap, clear debris off trails, and so much more. Without these extra hands, we’d be lost. So thank you, to each and every one of you. Next time you see one of our amazing volunteers, please thank them as well because you know how important they are to us. We have also been thrilled to receive a plethora of board member applications and want to thank all who applied. We have happily begun the interview process and are excited to see our board grow. We will continue to accept rolling applications to establish a responsible process for future succession, and at any time you may download an application from our website and apply. As February rolls into March and all your season’s training ignites on Sunday, March 6 at the Great Ski Race, please note that you may purchase a season pass for the 2017 season starting on March 7th and it will work for the rest of Spring 2016. No matter what weather comes, we work for our season-pass holders and hope that you acknowledge our dedication to you by dedicating your nordic season back to us. Buy a season pass because it feels so good to be skiing again! With many thanks and prayers for more snow, we’ll see you out there, as we’re expecting three more months of mighty fine grooming.


The Board of Directors of Tahoe Cross Country


A letter of thanks from Tahoe XC.

November 24, 2015.

Dear Tahoe-Truckee Community,

The snow is falling. Temperatures are staying cold. We're scraping storage wax off skis and readying our machines for opening day. Winter is coming and Tahoe Cross Country is ready! Thanks to you, the community, Tahoe City PUD, California State Parks and Tahoe Conservancy we are venturing into 2016 with our facilities staffed, stocked, and ready to ski. This is undoubtedly thanks to your donations. In January 2015, we initiated a "Low Snow Fundraising Campaign" with a goal of raising $80,000 to cover operating fees and general costs. Our supporters answered our call, but we only raised $57,192-leaving us shy of our needed funds. Inspired by this deficit, one anonymous donor challenged the community again. If we raised $40,000, this donor would match it, all or nothing. On August 14, 2015 we launched our "Matching Funds Campaign" and within three months individuals including full-time residents, home owners, visitors from as far away as Washington, Arizona, Wyoming, Florida and beyond donated anywhere from one dollar to hundreds of dollars. We exceeded our goal and now have $48,883 as down payment for our future grooming machine plus the additional matched $40,000 to help cover general costs. In the year of 2015, this community raised a total of $146,075 for Tahoe Cross Country and we cannot thank you enough. TXC and the Tahoe City Winter Sports Park serve thousands of residents and visitors every year and it is our intention and privilege to continue to do so. Not only have you donated when we truly needed it, but the Tahoe Public Utility District funded us $28,000 in late October to cover utilities, insurance, snow plow and other facility expenses. Additionally, the TCPUD approached the California State Parks on our behalf and both the California State Parks and the Tahoe Conservancy waived last winter's trail fees, saving TXC an estimated $12,000 in fees. Our ability to promote nordic skiing to youths and adults alike is augmented by the outstanding generosity of our community. It is why we reached as far as we had to and why so many individuals stepped up to support us. For this, we thank you. And we'd like to invite you to our Pass Holder Appreciation Party on December 6, 2015 at Jake's on the Lake. The best way to continue supporting TXC is to buy a season pass, buy a day pass, buy a pass for your dog, your neighbor, your kids. From the board of directors, the management and staff, thank you for supporting Tahoe Cross Country and we'll see you out on those perfectly groomed trails!

Most Sincerely,

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Tahoe Cross Country


Tahoe Cross Country (TXC) Fundraising and Board Update July 3, 2015

Fundraising Update: Thanks to the generous support of our community, we’ve raised $50,800 towards our $80,000 fundraising campaign that was launched in May. We are extraordinarily grateful for the support of our skiers, program participants, and the public who are contributing to our ongoing fundraising campaign.

Where Does the Money Go? Our fixed expenses one season are approximately $150,000 - $180,000. This amount represents the cost just to be prepared to open the doors to the public. Variable costs such as fuel, payroll, and equipment maintenance add to this amount when TXC is in full operation in a normal snow year. TXC’s major fixed expenses include:

- Liability insurance

- Other Insurance: Workers Comp, Disability, Vehicles, etc.

- Land use fees to CA State Parks, Tahoe Conservancy, and US Forest Service

- Utilities

- General Manager Payroll

- Annual Minimum Equipment Service

Note the above figures do not include any allocation for financial reserves, for subsidizing TXC junior programs, or for capital expenses such as snow cat replacement or improvements to the lodge. We’re fortunate that loans on both snow cats have been paid off, but our snow cats are now 9 and 12 years old. The older machine is approaching the end of its lifespan and is scheduled for replacement within the next 2 years. The cost of one new snow cat is about $300,000 (TXC has always managed to buy used snow cats).

Update on Board Activities: The loss of Kevin Murnane has impacted the community profoundly; this loss has also disrupted the day-to-day operations of TXC. Everyone involved with TXC has had to pitch in to make sure the bills and staff are getting paid, contractual commitments are being honored, insurance is up to date, and planning for a successful 2015/16 ski season. Additionally, the board is working hard to improve the organization so that it can serve the community for years to come. Support and functional committees have been formed to make this process more efficient and transparent.

Key Recent Decisions:

• We’ve decided to reinstate the Comp/Devo junior training program starting September 2015. This program is geared to developing young athletes ages (11-19).

• We are suspending TXC’s summer mountain bike rental operations this summer – we’ll revisit this decision for 2016.

• We’ve now started selling season passes for 2015-16. Buying a season pass is another way you can show your support for TXC.

• We’re naming the top of the Lakeview Trail “Kevin’s Crest”, in memory of Kevin Murnane. The top of Lakeview was a special place for Kevin, so it’s only fitting that we designate the spot with the best panoramic view of Lake Tahoe in his honor.

If you value what TXC offers and would like to make a contribution to our on-going fundraising campaign, here’s the link: http://tahoexc.org/support_tahoexc (towards the bottom there’s a printable form for mail-in donations, and a Donate button for on-line contributions). All contributions are tax deductible and we are grateful for whatever you can give.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the trails!


The past four winters have not been kind to cross-country skiing. At Tahoe Cross Country (TXC), we are working hard to maintain the vibrant community that has been our pride and joy – even in the face of low snowfall and low turnout. But now we need your help!

For 16 years, TXC has been self-sustaining: we operate as a concession of the Tahoe City PUD, and we receive no public agency funding. Under the leadership of managers Kevin and Valli Murnane, TXC has become a nationally acclaimed recreation destination for XC skiing and most recently we’ve also expanded into mountain biking. TXC’s educational programs have introduced thousands of children to the joy of the outdoors and cross-country skiing. Moving forward with Valli Murnane, our dedicated staff, and generous volunteers, we look forward to delivering the same high standards for service, program excellence, and superior trail grooming that have made TXC a success.

Our recent low snowfall winters resulted in limited ski operations, and TXC’s financial reserves are now severely depleted. During the 2010-2011 season, (our last “good” ski season), TXC was open 150 days. By contrast, the lean winter of 2013-2014, which resulted in the closure during the Christmas holidays, allowed just 45 days of operation. The 2014-2015 season was our most dismal yet: we were officially open to the public for only 4 days. We anticipate that vital pre-season pass revenues, which cover less than half of our fixed costs (payroll, insurance, rent), will again drop for next season. Despite our best efforts to reduce expenses and generate revenue, our financial position has taken a major hit. After a thorough review of finances, we have set a goal to raise $80,000: that’s what it’ll take to put is in a stable financial position going into next season.

To sustain TXC, we are asking you to take action now. Those of you who love the Nordic Center, the community treasure that it is, and have the ability to make a donation, please consider making a gift today. Donations are tax deductible; you can donate online using the Donate button below, or checks can be made payable to TCCSEA and mailed to Tahoe Cross Country, PO Box 7260, Tahoe City, CA 96145.

The TXC Board of Directors consists of eleven local, unpaid volunteers, who are committed to keeping TXC financially secure and to continue to deliver the kind of high quality experiences and programs for thousands of locals and visitors. Every member of the board has made a personal contribution of at least $1,000, because each of us strongly believes in sustaining TXC and want to preserve its legacy long into the future. We hope those of you who are in a position to support TXC will join us in contributing to this great organization during these tough times.

Thank you so much,

Jim Robins – Board President

Doug Read – Vice President

Jens Legallet – Treasurer

Board Members: Gary Anderson, Dave Clohessy, Patti Dowden, Don Fyfe,

Don Heapes, Doug McNair, Rafe Miller

Want to send in your donation? Download our Fundraising Campaign Donation Form